Chandeliers are everywhere, and they aren’t leaving anytime soon. It’s like jewelry your home, and who doesn’t love to accessories? Chandeliers are one of the most classic lighting fixtures. They have been around forever and they are a timeless look, which makes them a worthy investment in any room.

Chandeliers don’t have to be large, grandiose and over-crystalized, they can be simple, muted, and subtle. They also aren’t limited to an entry or foyer, chandeliers work just about anywhere, even in the bathroom or laundry.

Before shopping for a chandelier, consider the following:

    Light: How much light does the room need? Is the chandelier more for looks, or for your main lighting source? Most chandeliers provide ambient light and it indirect and while it may fill the room with light, you may need a few lamps to supplement the corners of the room.  

    Scale: How big to you need your chandelier based on the size of your room? Your chandelier should channel the space and not be too big, or too small for the room.

    Height: How low do you intend to hang the chandelier? Will it be over a table, counter, or will people be walking under it?

    Style: What finish, shape, and style will compliment the space? This is the fun part. There are about a million different chandeliers that fall into eight major categories.

Crystal: This is the most common style and what most people think of when they consider a chandelier for their home. It usually has multiple tiers of hanging crystals, but the base can be glass, metal, or wood. You can find a chandelier such as this one on Amazon delivered to your door for just under $200.  You can purchase this crystal chandelier here.chandelier-1


A Tiffany chandelier is one that is created using decorative glass to create a geometric pattern with a deep bronze finish, similar to a Tiffany lamp which has the same general style. These are typically found in specialty lighting stores, however I found these two gorgeous changeliers on Amazon for around $140.  You can find them here. chandelier2


Rustic chandeliers are perfect for cottage or farmhouse feel where crystal is a little too over the top. A rustic chandelier may use wood, iron, or antlers instead of glitzy crystals. I love this example of a rustic chandelier in a ski lodge. Sadly I couldn’t find where to find this exact chandelier, but similar rustic styles range from $300-$400.chandelier-3

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A Victorian chandelier is one that looks to recreate the use of candles of oil lamps as the inspiration. They are generally brass and may have beading or curved frames.This silver finished chandelier using hurricane candles goes for about $70 right now. Click on this link here to find it on Amazon. chandelier-4


A more modern chandelier could be anything that has simple lines and looks light, airy, and very straight construction. Most often these are chrome or nickel, but may also be bright colors.  This modern chandelier goes for just over $150 currently, which is over 35% off. Click here to see this modern chandelier on amazon.  




A traditional chandelier is more curved and decorative than a modern design but not as ornate a Victorian design. With a traditional chandelier, you can find a wide range of materials including brass, wood, glass, and iron. You can easily find these at your local home supply store, they range from $50-$100chandelier-6



This is a beautiful combination of rustic and contemporary. They are typically a dark bronze, and are more comfortable for the everyday home without the harsh lines of a modern piece.  And best yet, if you don’t want to pay the $420 price tag, there is a DIY tutorial for this style found here:


DIY Chandelier tutorial


An industrial chandelier is designed to be interesting to look at. It may use uncommon materials like cage lights, pipe fittings, or reclaimed wood. This steampunk inspired chandelier is a great home decor addition to the industrial look.  The pipes can move to your liking, at  just under $200, which is 50% off this is a steal of a deal!  Click here to see this industrial chandelier on amazon