Chalkboards are popular and beautiful, but sometimes it looks overwhelming to create something worth hanging in your home. Especially for those of us that are not artists. With the holidays around the corner, I have gathered a list of chalkboard ideas, sorted by artistic ability. These beautiful ideas are absolutely possible, with a little help from the basics. 

If you don’t have access to a real chalkboard, try painting your own surface with Chalkboard Paint or for a more temporary option use Chalkboard Premium Vinyl that can peel off at a later date.

Before you get started, gather your supplies. You’ll need plenty of white chalk and a basic pencil sharpener. You’ll also need a clean damp cloth, canned air, and plenty of Q-tips. Before you start, sharpen your chalk to a sharp pencil point and clean the surface completely with a damp cloth.

The chalk may adhere differently depending on what surface you’re using whether it’s vinyl, chalkboard paint, or slate. So give yourself plenty of practice to see what works best. Remember, chalkboards aren’t permanent, so you can always erase and start over if necessary.


Holiday chalkboard basics include a few things like trees, swirls, bunting, stars, and dots. This graphic shows some of the basic shapes you can practice with before you start your project. Master these elements and you can tackle anything.


These Christmas chalkboard ideas can be achieved by anyone. Simple words, straight lines, and a few decorative elements is all you need. Start by cleaning your chalkboard with a damp cloth to get it completely clean of all dust. Always use high quality chalk, and canned air to spray away the dust. If your chalk isn’t giving you a dark enough line, try getting it a little wet with a spray bottle or wet rag.  






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These might take a little more time and patience, but are completely doable. I like to sketch out the entire thing very lightly first to be sure I have my sizing and spacing correct. Then, start at the top and work your way to the bottom so your hand isn’t smudging what you just completed. Q-tips make great erasers if you find a trouble spot that needs redoing.





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Once you introduce colors, shading, and shapes above the basic circle, square, and triangle, it’s generally above my abilities. These prints are beautiful to look at, but definitely take some time, skill, and a heavy dose of talent.




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Christmas chalkboard art is an easy and cheap way to add decor to your home. Check out these Chalkboard doodles!
Christmas chalkboard doodles and art images right here! The best of the best for your home decor needs are all pinned here.
Christmas chalkboard doodles and art images right here! The best of the best for your home decor needs are all pinned here.