There are two words I dread more than any other, “I’m BORED.”

This simple phrase makes me go insane. I transform from a regular human being into a fuming ball of fury with steam coming out of my ears. In my opinion, there is absolutely no reason why any child should be “bored”. The world is FULL of things to do and see, (not to mention my basement full of toys and games. However, time and time again I hear this bellowed throughout my house. If you find yourself thrown in the position of anti-boredom director, here’s a few ideas to get started:

    Get Wet

If it’s hot outside, staying cool is the best way to pass the time. But enjoying water games doesn’t mean you have to buy expensive equipment or pay to get into the pool. You can enjoy water games in your own backyard with stuff you already have. Pass the water is a simple game that can include as many kids as you need.


Create a homemade sprinkler or slip-n-slide that is cheaper (and better) than anything store bought.  Sixsterstuff made a pvc shower by drilling holes in the pipes, and attaching a hose!  What a great idea! 

slip in slide game

Create sponge bombs by using sponges and a bucket of water. Use them to play dodge ball or catch or simple sensory play for younger kids.  Simply cut sponges into strips, and then gather 5-6 strips and tie in the center with yarn or string. 

sponge balls


I don’t always have the time or patience for craft time, but when I do my kids think they have died and gone to heaven. Craft time is always a good break from screen time and gets kids working and thinking creatively.

art on lawn

I love this idea because I feel like my daughter would be completely occupied on her own. I think an old sheet would give me at least an hour of peace and quiet, that’s completely worth it.

liquid chalk paint

If you run out of sidewalk chalk (or it gets broken or lost like mine did), make your own liquid version which gives kids a whole new world of possibilities.

aquarium jar

How cute are these indoor aquariums? My boys would love to make of of these!

Know what’s even better than paint? Painting with a squirt gun. This combines the best of outdoor activities and creativity, especially for little boys.

  Stay Outside

Anytime I hear my kids say, “I’m Bored” my answer is almost always, “go outside.” There’s a whole new world out there to explore (and it keeps my house cleaner). If your kids need a little outside inspiration, give these a try.

Give kids a letter walk and have them find something that matches each letter.


Create an outdoor twister game that’s perfect for older kids and no slippery mat to deal with – that’s a win win!

Create big games like an oversized football throw or tic tac toe board. Both are easy to make out of an old tarp or thick plastic table cloth.

outdoor games

I love this idea. Put all your outdoor stuff in one giant bag that the kids can pick up when they go out. It’s literally a boredom buster in a bag.

  Rainy Days

Rainy days can be hard to fill, especially if you live in an area with a full rainy season. If you can’t be outside, it helps to have a few alternatives to the television.

Create nerf targets and have each player add up their points. First one to a million wins!

summer indoor games

Use masking tape to make a car track for younger kids. If you have older kids, they can help create the track and younger ones can play.

summer games

Did you know burlap can make a great surface for fine motor skill practice? Use yarn and plastic needles and let kids create their own shapes.


Got older kids? Nothing seems to create motivation more than good old-fashioned competition.

Use simple things like stacking cups, tossing balls into bowls, create a bullseye with sidewalk chalk to create competitive games to get kids up and moving.

summer game for kids

summer games

There are two words I dread more than any other, “I’m BORED.” Avoid these words with these fun summer game for kids.