It isn’t too early to talk about Christmas is it?  I went to Hobby Lobby last week and Christmas decor was already out.

I love Christmas decor.  Silver and gold and holly berries give me a happiness I can’t even begin to describe. If your décor provides holiday cheer, you’re doing it right, but if you find yourself feeling like you’re sitting in the middle of the North Pole during a hurricane, there are a few tips that might make it a little easier, a little more fun, and elevate your Christmas style.

Here are seven Christmas décor mistakes that make your home less merry and more messy.

Too much is too much

It’s easy to add a little something here and there and a little bit over there and then some more right here until eventually every surface is covered and you’ve gone from Christmas cheer to Christmas clutter. Take a picture of your room and look at it on your computer, sometimes seeing it on a screen can show you how it really looks. If you find yourself having a hard time working in the kitchen, watching television, or finding space to hang your coat, you probably have too much décor.

Stacking Décor

Decorating for the holidays isn’t about covering everything you have in red and green. Stacking holiday décor on top of your regular décor looks messy. Before you start decorating, remove anything and everything that’s not Christmas décor, that way you aren’t overcrowding your spaces. Another option is to keep up what you already have, and simply add ONE small item like red flowers or twinkle lights to bring out a holiday accent without stacking décor.

Color Ruts

Don’t feel like your only options are red and green. Cream hues, muted neutrals, glistening metallic and jewel tones all create beautiful holidayscapes. Don’t get sucked in by blazing red and bright green that cover store shelves. Instead, think outside the box and do Christmas your own way.

Lawn Inflatables

There are two types of people in this world: those who have holiday lawn inflatables and those who do not. Under no circumstances do you need to own every reindeer, Santa, snowman and nutcracker you can find. If your yard décor has a theme, one well-placed inflatable is more than enough. Otherwise, avoid them completely and just stick with lights.


Of course that 4-ft wooden reindeer looked beautiful in the store, but if you don’t have room for it in your house, it looks contrived and forced. Measure your spaces so you know how much is too much and how tall is too tall for your holiday décor.


Knick-Knack Knockout

Sure, tiny elves are cute and little houses are charming, but if your shelves are overwhelmed with every knick-knack you’ve collected over the years, it’s time to weed things out. Don’t feel like you have to display every decoration you’ve ever made or received. Limit your display to only those items you truly love, and they will get the attention they truly deserve.  

One Room Only

If your living room looks like Santa’s workshop but the beds and baths look like your average day of the year, that’s a problem. Spread out your décor throughout your home to incorporate a little bit of Christmas cheer everywhere instead of going overboard in one room. Add a little décor to the bathroom counter, the kitchen table, and don’t forget the guest rooms.

Read this before you decorate your home for Christmas. Decorate the correct way and avoid these mistakes that make your home look cluttered and messy.
Read this before you decorate your home for Christmas. Decorate the correct way and avoid these mistakes that make your home look cluttered and messy.