If you look up Christmas ideas on Pinterest, you are immediately bombarded with about 472,000 ideas of traditions, clothing, crafts, advents, gifts, and everything in between. Creating a magical Christmas feel for your home doesn’t have to be stressful, (or expensive). The magical feeling of Christmas comes from a very simple place that makes your family feel special and loved.

The Christmas memories I have from my childhood had a lot less to do with what I received and a lot more to do with how I felt in my home. If your home could use a little more Christmas and a little less chaos, try to focus on filling the five senses.  



Simple things around the home can make it look like Christmas time. The twinkling of lights instead of overhead lighting, replacing regular décor with homemade Christmas items. Even if you don’t have a lot of gifts, wrapping them beautifully makes a difference to bring the image of Christmas into your home.


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As soon as I smell cinnamon, orange, and pinecones, it’s Christmas in my heart. You don’t need to deck the halls with thousands of decorations to make your house spill over with holiday cheer. Simply put some potpourri on the stove, light a candle, or plug in a warmer that emits warming scent that brings the holidays inside.


Christmas should be soft, cozy, and warm. Blankets, slippers, pillows, and even table coverings can bring a special sense of Christmas to the home. I like to pack away the softest blankets during the hot summer months, and bring them out for the holidays to add a soft touch to the home.

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The holidays is the perfect time to turn off the television, and enjoy Christmas music in the home. I don’t always have music playing in my home, but I try to play Christmas music as often as possibly during the holidays. I think it brings a different feel to the home. When December rolls around, I pull out all our old Christmas movies so they are new to the kids again and even if the television is on, we can enjoy movies that we only see once a year.  magical-4

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Christmas cookies, cinnamon rolls, and chocolate crinkle cookies are what make Christmas for me. For some families, Christmas means enchiladas, seafood, or other culinary creations. The tastes of Christmas may be different for everyone, but we know it when it’s beginning to taste a lot like Christmas.magical