Each year I decorate at least one tree, usually more.  I love cranking up the Christmas music, and decorating the tree slowly.  I used to hate it.  It was so overwhelming, and my tree never looked how I imagined.

After asking professionals, taking some classes and decorating after decorating, I’ve learned how to decorate a tree.  Here are some simple Christmas tree tips to make your tree look beautiful.


Many trees today are pre-lit, but if you don’t have a pre-lit tree, or if you prefer the natural tree route, you’re definitely going to need to put in the time to get your lights right. One package of 100 mini lights for each foot of tree is what the pros recommend. Start with your lights near the trunk, and wrap them towards the tip of each branch.

Some professionals add one strand of twinkling lights around the trunk to give the tree a twinkling effect. Others prefer to use one or two strands of lights that are slightly larger than the minis to add some depth and interest to the tree. Once all the lights are on and working, you’re ready to move on.

Extra Stems

This is one of the best kept secrets of designer Christmas trees!  They actually add greenery stems to the existing trees. It’s true! You can use flocked stems of evergreen branches with berries or glitter, or just standard stems that add fullness to your tree. A variety of stems gives your tree a nice depth. For a standard 7 to 8 foot tree, select 3 different types of stems and add 5 of each, for a total of 15 extra stems.  Currently you can purchase these perfect Christmas tree stems on amazon for 50% off!


Garland or Ribbon

Lots of designers use large ribbon for the tree, and you can add it in a variety of ways. The first option is to run the ribbon from the top to the bottom, tucking it in around every couple of branches. Another option is to run it around the tree like a pole, tucking it in between the rows. A third option is to tie the ribbon into bows and tuck those in between the branches. Personally, I like to wrap my ribbon diagonally around the tree in more of a swag, tucking it in and around each branch.


Designer Ornaments

Before adding the family ornaments and popsicle stick sleighs, start with designer accents. These are usually color coordinated ball ornaments or other décor that is oversized and designed to stand out. Start with large oversized balls, for a 7 foot tree, I’d start with 20-30 large balls or oversized ornaments. If you don’t have oversized balls, try clustering three or four smaller ornament balls together with floral wire to create a larger piece. You can also incorporate 3-4 oversized items that may not be actual ornaments, but are lanterns, picture frames, dolls, hangings, toys, etc.tree-3

Family Ornaments

After the designer ornaments, fill in the gaps with the small and sentimental ornaments that make your tree personal and unique. This is one of the best ways to fill your home with decades of memories to remind you of special times.tree-4


The last step is to add about 20 or 25 floral picks to your Christmas tree. These should coordinate with your color scheme and be placed evenly around the tree on the tips of the branches to bring the look together. This is a great way to fill holes, especially if you have little ones helping with the ornaments. Now add a tree topper, step back, and admire your beautiful creation!tree-6


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Christmas tree tip

Christmas tree tips

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