Custom address numbers are a great way to add some character to your home’s exterior. Sure, you could leave up the basic numbers put on your house by the builder, but why not customize your exterior and really show off your style?

These unique DIY house numbers and house number signs are easy projects that make a big impact on your homes curb appeal.

1. This idea from Shanty 2 Chic is one of my favorites. Not only because it’s darling, but also because it’s so super easy. All it takes is a post, a hook, and a planter. What a great way to show off your numbers in style.


2. For a slightly more modern look, you can create a house number up next to the door in a classic white frame. All you need is a simple frame, and numbers of either plastic or metal. These are both fairly simple to find at a craft or home improvements store. Use a little hot glue to add the numbers and then fill in with faux grass, succulents, stones, or colored glass. Hang and you’re done.



3. I love this idea from Shades of Blue Interiors. It’s a more farmhouse chic house number sign with an added planter box. This would look darling next to your front door. You could keep it rustic and beautiful, or paint it a bright fun color. Whatever you decide, it’s a great idea that works all year long. Use tulips in the spring and pine boughs in the winter, it’s a great addition to any front porch.

4. Create a mosaic house number sign with this idea that shows just how creative you can be with house numbers. These numbers are beautiful and colorful and impossible to miss. You can add them to your porch, fence, gate, or mailbox. You can make them big or small and use any type of mosaic material to make them completely customized.

5. How cute and simple is this hanging frame? I love this idea because you can dress it up or keep it simple without making permanent changes to your home or yard. Just a simple frame on the front door makes it clear and simple which house is yours.

6. This modern approach to address signs uses screws to create a stainless steel work of art. It’s a stunning display that is easy to make and easy to see from the street. I also love this idea for business signage as it is big, bold, and completely unique.

address signs7. This idea uses a flower box and a DIY house number sign to create the most beautiful display in the neighborhood. I love what a statement this makes. This idea looks amazing at the end of your driveway, tucked into your current garden bed, or as a landscape statement all its own.

Whichever idea you choose, make it stand out, make it beautiful, and make it yours. House numbers don’t have to be boring. We’d love to see your house number sign ideas too!

Custom address signs are a great way to add some character to your home’s exterior.. Checkout these 7 DIY ideas to add to your home.