Right now, the kitchen and the bathroom are the two major players in your home. These two spaces are often the “makers and breakers” of home value.

Although a bathroom may not represent a space where your guests like to hang out, a beautiful bathroom can make a huge difference in your home. The attention you give to that tiny room makes a huge impact on both the function and beauty of your entire home.

Here are a few DIY bathroom upgrades that are easy to do, don’t require a huge budget, and are easy to finish in a weekend. The only problem is choosing just one to get started on.

Frame the mirror.

This thick wood border around the mirror instantly upgrades this bathroom from cherishedbless.com.  The bathroom instantly has a beautiful farmhouse chic style.

bathroom upgrades

Add artwork

bathroom paint colors

This might be a surprising addition to the bathroom, but beautiful art in the bathroom can be the perfect way to upgrade your space. Add a few piece of your favorite photos in matching frames to create a beautiful focal point.

Go with color

pop of colorDecorchick.com did a great repainting her vanity.  The bathroom is the perfect place to add a punch of color. Bright coral cabinets might not work in the kitchen, but they are absolutely stunning in the bathroom.   

Speaking of color, black is also an amazing option for the bathroom. Matte black against white counters and light grey floors looks absolutely amazing. The accents of golds make it even better. I’m constantly amazed at the difference a can of paint makes.

black bathroom

Add Storage

Most bathrooms could use a little extra storage. If you have an awkward space above your toilet, fill it up with custom shelves that are both beautiful and functional.


bathroom shelves



Accent Walls

If you have space, this wood accent wall that Blesserhouse.com did is absolutely gorgeous. It is a great option for a bathroom. Big statement pieces like this make a beautiful impact in the bathroom.

accent wood


New Bathroom Sets

new shower curtain


If you don’t have a lot of time or a big budget, sometimes just a few accent pieces can make a big difference. Head to Target and grab a new shower curtain, fresh towels and maybe a cute wall hanging. Give the bathroom a good cleaning and a few additions and you’ll enjoy a fresh new look.