When I think about family pictures, I can feel my blood pressure rising. The clothes, the location, the photographer, someone forgot their shoes, someone slept in, someone is screaming, someone spilled. It’s pure chaos. Yet somehow, it takes my breath away every time I see the final result. In one snapshot, there is my family. All together, the most important people in my world, at the same time, in the same place, frozen in time. It brings tears to my eyes and I want to show the whole world.

Once the stress of family pictures is over and you’re left with beautiful portraits, how can you best display them to show them off without overdoing it? We’ve got you covered with 13 beautiful ways to display your favorite professional and candid family portraits.

    I love this display idea that includes several different poses in one uniform collection. It looks beautiful without being too much. I love the different shapes of canvases and the colors are amazing.

Canvas Photos

    This is the “reflection” method of a gallery wall, and is my personal favorite. I think it gives you a strong guideline and allows you to personalize it within the guideline of staying above and below the middle line.

    I thought this was a beautiful way to display pictures above the couch in a living space.  It frames the area nicely to have the frames extend to each end of the couch.

    Hanging pictures above the stairs can be difficult, but this idea works perfectly because the main frames step up, and the small ones fill in the gaps nicely.

    The classic grid pattern always looks beautiful. When you print them in black and white, it’s easy to swap out one or two pictures at a time to keep the display current.

    This is another example of the reflection wall that is executed perfectly. It works great in a hallway where you have a lot of wall space but not a lot of depth.

    I love the idea from Shanty2chic of using family portraits as place cards in a hallway, mudroom, or even laundry. It creates a beautiful way to give each child a space that is their own for hanging up backpacks and coats.

    Ledge shelves are a popular way to display a lot of photos in one location. I like the way this display goes all the way to the ceiling and although there is a lot of pictures, the black and white prints and frames make it look cohesive and not cluttered.

    What a beautiful way to display portraits wall to wall and top to bottom. They kept matched the bottom of the portraits with the top of the desk and kept the overall shape which works perfectly.

 I love this idea for displaying prints. Sometimes it’s easier to get simple prints than to pay for large canvases or elaborate frames.

 Canvas prints are always pretty, but this taller shape of print is exceptionally beautiful. It is different than the traditional square, and creates a stunning display.

 Instagram photo walls are the new craze in picture displays, and this is a great example. Several companies offer to send you ready-made photos of your Instagram feed ready to display.

 Go big or go home! Photo wallpaper is easily the most customized option you can create for your space. It is definitely a show stopper to show off the memories created over the years.