Simple moss balls are one of the basic elements of home décor. They are essential in any home because they are so versatile. They can be used as an accent piece, a space filler, they work in any season, and you can make them yourself. I love them because they are soft and round and have a beautifully organic look to fill up space in the most textured, mossy way! Best of all, they are inexpensive and fun to make – OK, I rest my case, let’s get started. moss ball decor on mantel

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All you need is Styrofoam balls and moss from JoAnns Fabric, Hobby Lobby, or Michaels (or similar store). I like SuperMoss, which comes in a sheet. You’ll also need scissors and glue. You can use spray glue or hot glue.

It’s easiest to start by cutting the moss into a strip that is about twice as wide as your Styrofoam ball. Then, glue the end of the strip to the ball and start working your way around. You don’t want any folds, ripples, or wrinkles, so use the scissors to make strategic cuts as you glue to help the moss lay flat all the way around.

Moss is super forgiving, so you can stretch it a little here, add a little there, and use tiny pieces of moss to fill in the bare spots. If you can find the green Styrofoam, that gives you a little extra leeway just in case you miss a spot, but the white Styrofoam works just as well.

moss ball decor

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If you prefer a less tight, more wild mossy look, you can use loose moss instead of the sheets. We definitely recommend spray glue for this option. All you have to do is spray a small section of the Styrofoam balls with the spray adhesive, press the ball into the moss and repeat until the entire surface is covered.

DIY moss balls is one of the few projects where the ones you make at home are much better quality than the ones you buy in the store. In less than 45 minutes you can have home décor that will last you forever.

Chances are, once you get started you’re not going to want to stop and we understand the feeling. That’s why we have made them in several different sizes to use in décor. You can make a topiary for spring, make oversized ones for the front porch, use them in the fall with white pumpkins in a wooden bowl, or mix them with silver balls at Christmas, or in nests for spring. The possibilities really are limitless.

Save money and make your own Moss balls for beautiful home decor this spring!