Photo canvases can be found in nearly every gallery wall, hallway, or bedroom in some of the most beautiful homes across the country. A canvas gives your photos a whole new look. Framed photos can be beautiful, but canvas photos are absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, creating photo canvases can be pricey. Even a small photo can be $50 or more to order from any number of photo labs.

Now, you can create your own for a fraction of the cost. Any size, any photo, and any canvas can create customized artwork for your home.

1) First, choose the photo you’d like to use and have it enlarged and printed to the same size as your canvas. Use a high quality photo lab, and be sure they are not being printed on photo paper, not banner paper, which is often used by office supply stores and copy shops. You can also use this technique for printables, quotes, subway art, or other wall art, but it must be printed on high quality photo paper.  I use COSTCO and their prints work great. 

2) Buy your canvases in a corresponding size.  You can find canvases at any hobby or craft store, or even online. Amazon has some great deals on bulk packages of canvases in a variety of sizes.  Before you start gluing make sure your prints and canvas sizes line up how you like them. If you’d like to you can paint the edges of the canvas black or gray do it now.  I like mine to stay white as it tends to lighten the whole image. 

3) Start by painting the entire surface of the canvas with a thin layer of Mod Podge. Place the photo on top, and flatten it completely with your hands. 

4) Rub the surface of the picture to smooth out any air bubbles as it is upside down.  This protects the photo from being scratched.  You can place the photo surface on a table, and place a heavy book on the opposite side of the canvas to ensure a strong, smooth, hold. Allow it to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

5) After it is completely dry, you can leave the canvas at this point, but the finishing steps is what makes DIY canvas photos look professional with the finished texture of an authentic wrapped canvas photo. Paint a thin layer of Mod Podge, matte finish, over the top of your photo. Use long, even strokes.  I use a wide sponge brush so  I have less opportunity for brush strokes.  The surface will be white, don’t freak out, it dries clear.  If you’d like a canvas texture to your photo, once Mod Podge is applied, quickly use a blank canvas press it against your photo like a stamp.  This will give your picture a canvas look.  I prefer a more flat smooth finish, so I skipped this option. 

After everything is dry and looking beautiful, grab some command strips and start hanging them!  I love using velcro command strips.  They are strong yet, are easy to move and adjust if necessary.   I hope this helps you on your next photo canvas project!