A few years ago I found myself stuck in a Home Depot while my husband spent over an hour pondering his power washer options (I can’t make this stuff up). And so I started perusing the other 72 aisles of the store and ended up in the back corner by the lumber department. Do you know what is in the back corner of the lumber department?

Scraps. Lots and lots of scraps.

Why was I so excited about scraps? Because they make the perfect foundation for all kinds of adorable DIY signs and they are literally pennies. I actually got a piece of wood the exact size and shape I was looking for and it cost me less than $1. No, I am not kidding. Home Depot scrap pile is a gold mine.

Since then I have gone back anytime I’m looking for wood to make a homemade sign of some kind. I love oversized signage, but they are usually too expensive in the store. I gathered up some of my favorites for you to peruse adorable DIY signs for spring and then go to Home Depot immediately!

    I love the classic farmhouse style of this sign, and the little wreath in the middle brings it all together. It looks to me like they used a vinyl sticker first, and then painted the whole piece white, removed the vinyl to reveal the color of the wood underneath. I love that technique. Check out 504 Main for the full tutorial.


    How cute is this little carrot sign? It’s super simple, which gets extra points in my book, but it’s also quintessentially spring. I can easily see this on my mantel, front porch, or kitchen shelf.


    What says spring more than a giant sunshine sign? You can see that this sign is taller than the window on this porch, but you could also do a similar style in a small version for inside.  This is a great option for a small front porch. 

    To me, spring is just the beginning of s’more season. I love this quote and it would make the perfect backyard sign for summertime barbeques.

    We’ve probably all seen the classic winter sign of a truck hauling the Christmas tree, but I love this spring version. Perhaps there’s a way to make one sign work for both seasons if the flowers are removable?

    I couldn’t decide which of these peeps signs I loved more. The baby chicks are so cute and while I don’t love sugar covered marshmallows, my kids sure do. I’d take either, or, maybe both!


    I love these types of yard signs, they are so cute and add lots of fun color to your front walkway or porch area. A few scraps of wood, paint, and vinyl and you’re ready to go!

    Pallets have a special place in my heart and this is why. This darling pallet board is not only cute, bright, and full of spring, but it double as a planter! How cute is that?!


    This spring sign could stay up in my home all year long. I love the simplicity of the wood and the finishes look of the frame. It’s perfect and beautiful and I want it right now.


 Another spring sign that technically could stay up all year long. These are handmade flowers using a variety of techniques pulled together in a darling heart. I also love how she framed the wood with hemp to complete the finished look.


 What a pretty way to welcome friends and guests into your home. This would be fairly simple to create on your own, but if you’re short on time you can order it straight from Etsy to make things easier!

 Another Etsy favorite is this beautiful hand-painted wood slice. I love the rustic look of the wood underneath the elegance of the painting.