When I was growing up Easter dinner was a nice Sunday dinner in a pretty new Easter dress. It was usually ham and potatoes and had a nice spring salad my mother mixed together right before it was time to sit. It was a nice meal, and was usually followed by carrot cake for dessert.

Of course, this was the days before Pinterest. Now a whole new realm of Easter parties has been introduced.  Here are some tips to make your dinner still simple yet memorable.  

Personally, I think simple is better, no need for fancy appetizers, but these little rabbit munchies are adorable. (And a great way to get kids to eat their veggies first!)

This is a great way to serve an ordinary cheese ball (covered in cheese of course!). It’s a simple way to make the same things you usually make but make it a little more festive without going overboard and changing the whole menu.


I always like to have some munchies lying around during holiday parties. I think it’s nice to give people something to munch on while they are waiting, or something that is available for the kiddos to eat every once in a while.

What a cute spin in Rice Krispy treats to create a layered treat that is colorful and festive. Everyone loves a Rice Krispy treat and this is a great way to spruce it up a little bit.

Centerpieces are a great way to bring a party together. Of course, you can have a party without a centerpiece, but it does make a nice presentation. This is real life wheatgrass that can be grown several weeks ahead of time and add a few artificial flowers and colorful eggs.

This is another beautiful and simple centerpiece display that I absolutely love. I love the flowers and the bright colors, but I also love that when the party is over you can empty out the flowers and enjoy the candy!


If you have kids in your Easter dinner, these tiny Easter baskets are a great idea! I love this because it gives each child a little personal gift but it’s simple to put together and makes a beautiful display.


Send the kiddos away with a little parting gift in a festive little wrap. Of course, you could give the adults a more adult-type beverage as a parting gift. I’m sure they would appreciate it.