They say a photo is worth 1000 words, but is your house screaming with family pictures? How many photos do you really need? And how much is too much? A lot of time people feel like decorating with family photos is always beautiful and you can’t go wrong with pictures of your kids. This is not the case, you can make mistakes and lose the potential impact pictures have.

Too many photos, too many frames, and too much on the wall is distracting and chaotic. The key with decorating with photographs is to be intentional. Here’s a few tips and tricks to make your family photos a work of art.

    Plan Ahead:

Don’t just frame every cute picture you take on your phone and throw it up on the mantel. Plan your spaces intentionally. Perhaps one area is for baby pictures, one for seasonal photographs, and another for professional prints. Once you plan your space, plan your frames so they work together and create a cohesive

    Black and White or Color?

Either one! But again, make it intentional. If you’re looking for a more elegant look, or you have a Type A personality, stick with black and white. However color photographs can be gorgeous, especially in photos of young children.


    Do I Always Need A Mat?

No. There’s no hard and fast rule with mats. Again, you want to be intentional. If you are matting photos, the mats should be all the same. Especially if the frames or the photos are


    How Big Is Too Big?

Go big or go home. A big statement piece can be amazing on it’s own, or at the center of a gallery wall. Don’t be afraid of going big with a large family portrait. Consider it an investment by creating family memories and art at the same time.  photos-4

    Candid or Professional

Both! I love candid photos, they are some of my favorites, but I think professional photography is worth every penny. I like to get professional pictures every couple of years, especially while my kids are changing so fast.

Use multiple sizes of frames like this home owner did.  They lost out in adding lot of attention by keeping the frames identical in color.  Have a few that match but then branch out in color and frame edges.

Note: A conveyor belt of cheesy smiles in grey-background school pictures are not professional photographs and should not be treated as such.

    What and Where?

Personally, I like photos to match the feel, theme, or style of the room. For example, I have a large print of my babies in the tub still hanging in their bathroom. Kids in a tub fits the theme and style of the bathroom and I love it there.  

For my bedroom, I like to keep that space for just me and my husband, so I don’t like pictures of my family or kids in the master bedroom, that is kept for wedding and couples photos of just us.

    Update! Don’t feel like you have to keep up the baby pictures you took of your kids 15 years ago. I like to update my photos by keeping a few around from the younger years, as well as plenty of current photos.

Learn how to incorporate photos into your home decor with a professional look.
photo home decor
photos home decor