Is your bedroom a peaceful haven of retreat and romance or is it a stressful dumping ground that collects all the chaos from the day? If you have more chaos than calm, you might need a little feng shui, Feng shui is the the ancient Chinese art of placement designed to enhance the flow of spiritual energy and create an environment that is relaxing, happy, and harmonious. The belief is that our surroundings affect us, and how they are arranged can change our everyday emotions.

In the bedroom, feng shui can be used to support rest and romantic connections. Whether you believe in the philosophy or not, feng shui provides good design sense that can help your bedroom both look beautiful and feel more peaceful.


It is no surprise that color impacts our psychology. This is why you rarely see a black or bright red baby nursery. Feng shui recommends warm tones for the bedroom as well as natural colors like light blue, green, lavender, and coral. Red and oranges are too stimulating for the bedroom, but burgundy or eggplant can enhance romance.


Furniture Positioning

In Feng shui, the main piece of furniture should have the “commanding position”. In a bedroom, this is the bed. The best position is as far away from the door as possible, but in an area that allows you to see the entrance. This gives you both safety and protection. Often in the corer of the room, diagonally positioned is best. Keep the bed away from windows or from lower angles of the ceiling if you have vaulted ceilings. Leave plenty of room around the bed for energy to flow freely and for each person to get up and move around easily.fengshui-2

Lose the footboard

Solid headboards are considered good Feng shui because they give you additional strength and support, but footboards are seen as blocking forward progress in life and should be avoided. However, avoid having your feet face the door. If the end of your bed faces the door, a footboard is an acceptable way to place a block between your feet and the door.fengshui-3

Choose curves, not corners.

Square corners have too much pointed energy, can can create a sharp environment. Instead, opt for pieces with soft curves. You can soften up square furniture by draping a piece of fabric over the top or a draping plant to soften the harsh corners.


Clear the Clutter

Clutter symbolized unfinished business and slows progress, so keep only what is necessary to allow energy to flow more freely in the space. Even clutter under the bed can create a negative energy and disturb sleep, so don’t use that space to store boxes or clutter. This also applies to areas behind closed doors, like closets. Less is more, and get rid of anything you don’t need. Don’t keep worldly things in the bedroom, eliminate all elements of work, exercise, television, computer desks, paperwork, etc. If you must use your bedroom for double duty, find a way to conceal these items with a folding screen or hanging fabric to separate the space.fengshui-5

Make space for couples.

Even if you are single, maintain space for two in your bedroom. Keep two nightstands, maintain symmetry in lamps, tables, chairs, and flowers to enhance the feeling of a unified couple.


Find ways to keep the lighting flexible. During the day, allow lots of natural light to fill the space. In the evening, close the curtains and use soft light and darkness while you sleep. Overhead lights, table lights, and even wall lights are all important elements. Put all lights on dimmers that you can use to create a calming energy in the evening.fengshui-1