When I got married, my husband had a bachelor pad and his grandmother’s old couch. We had lots of good times on that floral patterned couch from the 1970s, but when we moved in together, it had to go. Graciously, my parents offered to buy us a couch as a wedding present, but suddenly I was overwhelmed. Couches (generally) last forever.

How was I supposed to choose one couch to sit on for the next decade? It is a big investment, a large focal point of the room, and one of the most used pieces of furniture in the house. With a little research and a lot of help, we chose a couch that today, ten years later, we still use and love.

If you’re looking to buy your first piece of furniture, or simply updating your room, here’s a few tips to keep in mind on how to find the perfect couch.

How do you couch?

Of course, couches are for sitting, but it’s not that simple. You need to be able to walk around the couch comfortably, When you watch TV, do you prefer to lay down, or sit up? Do you entertain a lot? Do you have overnight guests? Is reclining important? Your couch should fit your lifestyle and be comfortable for the many things you may use it for.couch-1

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Obviously your couch needs to fit, but not be too big or too small. You need to be able to walk around it comfortably, without it looking like kiddy furniture. But but what if you have a tiny apartment now and might upgrade later? You may want to find a couch that has coordinating chairs you can buy Iater, or possibly add-on pieces.

If you’re working with a small space, the couch is even more important because it will be the focal point of the room, so you might want to pick something that has a strong design, but is still practical and comfortable.  couch-2

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Do you like curves?

The shape of your couch is just as important as the size. Straight couches, curved couches, L-shapes, there are several options. If you’re looking to divide a room an L-shape works best. Curved couches work great for providing lots of seating in a small space.


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When we bought our couch I knew I wanted leather. It was a must-have for me because I like to eat on my couch, and I knew kids would be in our future, so fabric wasn’t an option. However, sometimes leather may limit your style options, so it’s important to consider all your options and determine what is most important.

One popular option is to upholster your couch in an outdoor fabric, which gives you more style options that are resistant to water and fading.

Most of all, try them out, don’t go to the store and feel like you have to leave with a couch the same day. Shop around, have a seat, and take your time. Go with a couch style that fits your home, your personality, and your style.  Eventually you will find the couch you fall in love with, the one can’t live without and it will be perfect.couch-4