If there was a one-size-fits-all solution in the world of home décor, it might just be floating shelves. They work in just about any space, anywhere, any size, any color, and out of nearly any material. They can be cozy and chic in a farmhouse, or they can be sleek and modern in a penthouse.

Anyway you like them, you can’t deny the versatility and beauty of the classic floating shelves. Here’s the top 10 floating shelf ideas you can incorporate in a weekend.

    The quintessential floating shelf made much easier by using corner brackets, flipping them upside down, and adding a basic wooden shelf. Mission accomplished!

Mommy Suite Shelf

    I love this idea too, it gives the wood a more rustic and industrial look. Plus, stained shelves will last longer without worrying about the paint chipping off over time.

Industrial Laundry Shelves

    The natural look of these shelves is unbeatable. I love the real-wood grain, the imperfect edging, it adds a beautiful element to a country cottage kitchen.

Natural Shelves

    This is a genius idea for using small corners as additional storage – add floating corner shelves! It looks chic and sophisticated without clogging up a small space.

Corner Shelf Tutorial

    Shanty 2 Chic gives you completely free plans to their floating shelves which are made complete with the addition of clavos added with a mallet to the finished product.

Floating Shelves

    I love the sheer size of these shelves. It is perfect wall to wall glory at its finest. It works beautifully in a dining room, living room, or kitchen.

Wall Shelves

    These sleek floating shelves work perfectly in small spaces where you have a lot of wall but not a lot of room, like above the stairs or in a hallway or landing. Although these technically are an IKEA projet, and not necessary DIY, you can get a tutorial on making your own at ana-white.com

White Shelves

    If one floating shelf is good, floating shelves within a floating shelves are better. This idea is derived from Ideas for Living by Ali Hanan in Australia, and uses hollow planks to create a beautiful floating shelf with twice as much storage.

Box Shelves

    Floating shelves aren’t just for main living spaces, they also make a great space saving solution for the bathroom. If you have a lot of bathroom products and not a lot of counter space, use small floating shelves to make the most of the space you have.

Bathroom Shelving

 I love the idea of incorporating floating shelves into a gallery wall, it adds dimension to the gallery wall, and brings together floating shelves of different sizes.

Floating White Shelving

floating shelf ideasfloating shelf ideas