We all love the beauty and elegance of hardwood floors, but often they are outside the budget. Real hardwood floors can cost approximately $2,000 for 250 square feet. If you have close to 1000 square feet in your home, you are looking at at least $10,000 in hardwood floor costs.  Those numbers are astronomical when compared to less expensive options like laminate or tile.

The good news is, I’ve found some DIY hardwood floor ideas! It may take a little extra time and work, but the results are impossible to argue with.

    Can you believe that this flooring was made out of pallets. Old, worn, free, pallets. First they were torn apart and each plank was put through a planer several times, which made each plank the same thickness and in the process restores the wood to it’s original (clean) state. Then each piece was put through a jointer, and a table saw to make them which made them perfectly square. With the sub floor installed, it’s time to nail down the pallets, and then coat them with mineral spirits, and four coats of finish. What a beautiful result! All the details can be found at A Building We Shall Go.flooring-1A Building We Shall Go

    If prepping, planning, and cutting pallets sounds intimidating, you can also use plywood. This whitewashed farmhouse floor is nothing more than 4×8 sheets of plywood cut into 8-inch strips and nailed down right over her old linoleum. Can you believe that?! What a difference a little plywood can make!



    This is another example of wide plank wood floor made from plywood. She chose pine, and cut it into 8-inch strips and then sanded, stained, and coated each strip with polyurethane before putting it down on the flooring. After that it’s just a matter of nailing the sheets to the floor, and adding one more coat of poly after there are laid.flooring-3Remodelandolacasa

    This tutorial from HGTV uses plywood in a slightly different way. Instead of making strips they cut it into squares and created the look of hardwood tiles. You could also lay down full sheets of plywood. They used liquid nails to adhere the wood to the floor and then added a stain and a coat of polyurethane after the flooring was completely set.flooring-4HGTV

Turns out, hardwdood floors don’t have to break the budget. After all, it’s just a matter of getting the wood off the shelves and onto your floor. Voila! Hardwood floors.