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Oprah said, “Your home should rise up and greet you” and we all know she knows her stuff.The entryway is… Read more »

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Oprah said, “Your home should rise up and greet you” and we all know she knows her stuff.The entryway is the first place you walk in, and the first place you see when you return home after a long day. It should provide relief, a place to hang your coat, set down your bag, and unload from the day.  It should also be a place to organize the things you always need coming or going from the home like your keys, sunglasses, hats, etc.


Here are some of my favorite entryways that provide the perfect way to start and end your day.

    I love the idea of a bench in the entry way, especially one with a cheerful little pillow greeting you as you walk in.entry-1

    The entry way is a great place for an accent wall, this wood panel is a great example.entry-2

    We all love Hobby Lobby, and this entire command center comes directly from their store. A calendar, chalkboard, baskets and hooks give you everything you need to organize yourself on the way out the door.entry-3

    Even narrow entries need a little style. A mirror and a small shelf give you everything you need.entry-4


    I’m not sure where these chairs came from, but I need to know. They are perfect for the entryway.entry-5


    If your entry way is more like a locker room, organize it in style with this adorable setup you can make yourself from Style Me Pretty.entry-6


    This is another idea with just a shelf and a mirror with big style in a small space.entry-7


    I love a statement rug in the entry. This adds color, pattern, and a lot of style in one small space.entry-8


    This looks like an old church bend spruced up with baskets underneath. Genius!entry-9

Photo Courtesy of cityfarmhouse.com

 If you see your stairs as soon as you walk in, they should be beautiful.entry-10


 I love this entry, it has all the elements I look for with the bench, hooks, greenery, and baskets.entry-11


 A cute simple sign and a few hooks is an easy DIY project that makes a big difference.entry-12

 Sometimes a table and a chair is all you need. Of course, shiplap doesn’t hurt either.entry-13

 If you don’t have an official entryway, you can create one with room dividers.entry-14

 These built-in benches are positively dreamy.entry-15

 A lot of entry’s are in the corner, but don’t let that stop your creativity.entry-16


 Shanty 2 Chic created a wood accent wall with beautiful crown molding hooks.entry-17


 I never thought about putting a dresser in the entryway until I saw this idea from Handmade Bliss and now I’m sure that I need one.entry-18



19 Beautiful Entryway Home Decor ideas for your home in many styles!

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