I dare you to walk down the paint aisle of Home Depot and not get overwhelmed. Even when you walk into Home Depot determined on Robin Egg blue you’re all of the sudden considering sunshine yellow or maybe even forest fir. Suddenly, you’re questioning everything you thought you knew.

If you’re picking a paint color for an end table or picture frame it might take some time, but choosing colors for painting an entire room may leave you thinking for days and and deciding on a scheme for your entire house might just leave you crippled for weeks.

Luckily, there are a few tricks of the trade that can help take the anxiety out of picking paint colors. First, start with nature. Look at your favorite nature scenes and notice the colors. Whether it’s the bright beautiful tulips of spring or the amber and green of fall, nature has a way of creating beautiful landscapes of perfectly coordinated colors naturally. Pick any three or four colors that are found in the same season or scene in nature and you can pretty well guarantee they will look beautifully in your home.

One of the most popular methods is the ever-popular copycat. This is perfectly acceptable in home design and is one of the best ways to ensure that you will like the final product. Look through your favorite HGTV homes, home designers, or popular bloggers.color-1

Keep your options limited, it’s impossible to choose one color out of 300. Instead, try to limit it to your top five options. Especially if you’re painting your entire house, you don’t want more than three colors throughout the home. One color for main living spaces and 1-2 for bedrooms.

Another way to pick colors is to assign a mood to each room. One room, like a bedroom might be an area for tranquility, while another, like a basement or toy room might be made for fun. You can choose colors and patterns based on the overall feel of the room.


Pick the color of your room image


Lots of designers work with inspiration boards to keep themselves focused. Create an inspiration board by finding pictures, patterns, and colors that you love. Look for common threads and themes before starting a major overhaul. An inspiration board puts all your ideas in one place so you can see how things flow between furniture, carpet, draperies, and décor.color-3

Most of all, don’t rush the process. It might take days, or even weeks to pick your favorite paint colors that you can live with for years, so take your time. Give yourself enough time to sit with your decision, ponder it, and consider the possibilities. Hopefully these guidelines will reduce your paint aisle anxiety and help you find the perfect paint color.