Your front room gives the first impression of your home. The moment friends or family walk into your room, they make a judgment about the space. That’s a lot of responsibility in one room. If your front room is also your family room, it’s probably one of the busiest spaces in your home. No one wants to open the door for guests into a big mess. However, creating and keeping a magazine-worthy, pristine front room is completely unrealistic.

Today we show you how to decorate your living room so you can open the front door with confidence. With a few simple steps you can welcome guests into a space that is guest-ready AND functional for your own family.

 Start with a ‘Hero’ piece

Your hero should be a major piece of furniture that creates a statement. It should be someone you absolutely love. It should be beautiful and swoon-worthy, and probably represents a significant furniture investment.  

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 Add Balance

Once you have your hero piece, the next step is to create balance. The balance you’re looking for is in height, finishes, and color. Start with height, add a piece that is either taller or shorter than your hero piece. If your hero piece is a couch, choose a bookshelf or storage unit. If your hero piece is a set of shelves, choose a low-height chair or couch. Make your balance piece contrasting in both finish and color.

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Choose an accent

Now you need an accent piece, this might be something colorful or unique. It could be a bar cart, or a piece of artwork, or a beautiful accent chair. Anything that adds architectural interest and another texture into the room.

Add patterns

Find something with pattern to add to your space. This can come in the form of a rug, accent wall, artwork, pillows, sofa cover, etc.

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Add texture

Next, add layers of texture. This can be a sleek metallic side table, a textured chairs, leather accents, beaded pillows, soft throws, etc. There are a wide variety of textures in the world, add lots of them to your space.

Choose a color

It helps if you choose ONE color to repeat throughout your room. Using just one color or one tone creates a look that is intentional rather than random. Find places to use this color such as

yellow lemons in a bowl, yellow lilies in a vase, and pillows with a touch of yellow, etc.

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Add some greenery

Every room looks better with a little greenery. Whether it’s a tall tree in the corner or a potted plant on a table or a small succulent display on the mantle. Greenery gives your room life and personality.

Now sit back and enjoy your beautiful space!