That bench in your front porch can look like a mini oasis or a yard sale item. The difference in how you style it. You want it to be intentional and it requires thought and creativity to prevent it from looking random and misplaces.

There are a few things to consider when decorating an outdoor bench to ensure it adds to your curb appeal rather than detracts from it.

OUTDOOR BENCH with pillow

Location, location, location: Be sure to understand your location and climate and keep that in mind as you decorate your porch. Does it get super hot or freezing cold? Do the afternoons bring rain? Place your bench under a covered patio if necessary so the bench itself your gorgeous décor doesn’t get ruined.

Do you have a view?It doesn’t have to be at the base of a mountain or a beachfront property, any view will do. If you have a view, you want a bench that is comfortable for sitting. This generally means you will want to include seating and back pillows, maybe even an outdoor blanket if it gets chilly at night. A porch bench can be a beautiful way to view your garden, pool, pond or rose bushes in bloom.

What’s Underfoot? Think about where your bench will be sitting. If you have a patio with pavers, that may be a little rough and uneven, making a bench seat endlessly wobbly. Make sure your bench is going to be comfortable for sitting if it’s intended as a resting place.

Style: Benches don’t have to perfectly match your home, but it helps to coordinate. If your house is a distinct architectural style (i.e. farmhouse, Tudor, etc.) your bench design and décor matters. Keep modern benches with modern homes and ornamental benches with Victorian homes, etc. Something sleek, geometric and absent of intricate carvings and details would probably go with a modern house, while a Victorian might call for a highly ornamental cast iron bench.

outdoor bench with flower pots

Materials: When you choose materials to use on your porch and bench, keep in mind the weather where you live. Shop for outdoor fabrics rather than interior home décor fabrics. You can also search for outdoor pillows and sew them together to fit your bench. If you choose to use blankets or more delicate fabrics, have a basket or bucket where they can be protected during bad weather.

outdoor bench with dresser and rug

Feature over Function: Some benches are just meant to be pretty, and that’s OK! Just because you have a bench on your front porch doesn’t mean you intend to sit on it. A bench can be a beautiful way to showcase fall pumpkins, winter evergreen or spring plants.

Take advantageous of your one chance to make a first impression. By nature, benches create an inviting and attractive front door. Whether you have a large wrap-around porch, or a tiny doorstep, there are plenty of options for adding bench décor to your entrance and upgrading your first look.

Check out these simple, and beautiful examples of outdoor bench decor.

outdoor whitewash bench
summer bench
bench with fall decor and haystacks

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Outdoor benches add character and beauty to our patios and front doors. Check out how to decorate them throughout the year to add value to them.