My thumbs are about as black as they come, both of them. Generally, I have a hard enough time just keeping my family fed, I don’t have time for plants. However, I still love the look of incorporating natural elements into my home. I think when you bring a little bit of the outside in, it helps to warm up a room and make it feel more cozy, comfortable, and well, natural.

The good news is, there are lots of ways to use outdoor elements of nature inside your home without having to worry about watering, feeding, or trimming.

Stones, Twigs, and Sand

I love this idea of incorporating different elements in similar apothecary jars. Gather beautiful stones from a recent trip to Europe, sand from your first home, or twigs from a favorite spot in the mountains and gather them all for a beautiful and meaningful collection of nature with sentimental value to your family.


Add a Little Color

If you’re craving a little color, but worry about keeping blooms vibrant, go for a different approach and paint several branches to display in a vase. I love this idea because you can switch them out for different seasons or holidays, and it brings a pop of color to the room without a lot of maintenance.  



Acorns are one of my favorite elements to decorate with, particularly in the fall. I love the look of acorns and they are perfect to use in the bottom of a candle, basket, jar, or tray. They are easy to find and you can use a lot of them without spending any cash. They also keep your jars and baskets lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about them toppling over.



If you are craving the greenery, but can’t maintain houseplants then try succulents. Tiny terrariums are the new craze and you can use nearly any container in your home to make a darling succulent display. Succulents are inexpensive, easy to maintain and don’t require a lot of effort day to day. Best of all, they give you that beautiful green look you are after.



Leaf displays are another way to bring the outside in. These won’t last as long as a typical houseplant or succulent, but if you bring a few leaves inside after your daily adventures, you can always keep a fresh display in your home.