Every year, the top minds in interior design create their look book for the upcoming year. It usually determines what types of trends you’ll find on Pinterest in the coming months and what trends are on their way out.

This can be very helpful if you’re considering a remodel or a home improvement project and you want to be sure you’re staying on trend and not spending time and money on a look that is going out (chevron anyone?)

So here’s everything you need to know about what’s in (and what’s not).

Here to Stay:

There are some trends that are definitely going to stick around for a while. Distressed pieces, antiquing and upholstered headboards are all playing a strong role in the future of home décor.

The farmhouse style with burlap and natural colors, open shelving, and porch swings are definitely staying around for a while. As are succulents, painted furniture, and minimalist bedrooms.

What’s Out:

Brace yourselves: grey is a color of the past. It’s true. Grey rooms are quickly becoming dated. While some rooms will always look beautiful in grey, a whole grey house is not necessarily a good choice in 2017.

Other trends on their way out are copper, chevron patterns, accent walls, tiled countertops, and subway tile.

What’s in?

Here’s what we know. 2017 has a whole new color pallet and it’s dark. Benjamin Moor color of the year is called Shadow, a dark eggplant shade that compliments beautifully with rose, green, light blue, and ivory.

Terra cotta is also a trend that is going to make a big comeback, both in color and in style. The terra cotta color is somewhere between brown and red and is coming on strong. Don’t paint over all your brick just yet!  


2017 seems to be all about the warm hues coming back. After several year of cool greys, we are embracing gold again mixed with warm woods and rich hues.

We are also seeing a beautiful mixture of modern and rustic. This is due to an influx of Lucite, metallic, and the dominating farmhouse style.

Gallery walls are also on their way out, and what better way to cover up those several dozen holes but with a large map? Big prints and oversized maps are taking over gallery walls to replace the busy collage with simplicity.

Cork is another big trend that is on its way in. Corkboard walls transform your wall into a giant bulletin board, similar to the chalkboard wall fad of 2016. For ideas to incorporate warm cork check out this article: 13 Ways to Incorporate Cork Decor into Your Home