Art can pull a room together.  However, selecting the right piece for the right space can be difficult.  It’s like picking your favorite dessert, or your favorite child. How can you choose just one?! Of course you want a piece that you love.

You have to look at it everyday for the next several years (at least), so it should reflect your own taste and preference. You want it to make a statement, but not be overpowering.  Searching for the right piece can take some time, so don’t rush the process. But here are a few tips on how to pick wall art for your home.
    First decide which medium you prefer and where your tastes lean. Decide whether you prefer painting, photography, or even a tapestry. The goal is to not just find something that covers the wall, but to find something that means something to

    Measure your space so you can start to search for pieces that are the right size. You don’t want art that is either too big for the space or too small. A good rule of thumb is to have your art fill between two-thirds to three-quarters of the wall. Generally bigger is better, but not more than three-quarters of the

    Sometimes finding large wall art to cover a big space can be difficult and expensive. Consider selecting two or three smaller pieces that coordinate to create the same effect as one larger piece of

    Art should be hung at eye level, but that may change depending on the space. For example, eye level in an office or sitting room where you are generally sitting is different than eye level in a hallway where you are generally standing. You should choose your eye level based on whether you are usually standing or sitting and adjust according to the space. When hanging art above a sofa, table, or other furniture, it should be no more than 6 to 12 inches above the top of the

    Most art will come wrapped on a canvas, but photography often looks best mounted in Plexiglas or acrylic frames. When using art photography, you can be a little more edgy and daring in your

    Wall art doesn’t have to be expensive. Consider enlarging prints you already have, or purchasing large canvases and creating your own design. Oftentimes, these are the most precious pieces, because they mean the most.

Need to decorate a wall? Learn how to pick the perfect art for your style and your home.
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