Did you know that color trends are actually created by industry experts? It’s true. Every year, paint companies and design leaders release what they believe to be the latest and greatest in design colors.

Trendy colors are created and presented by Pantone as well as by paint companies like Behr, Sherwinn Williams, and by color experts in the design industry. If you’re considering adding color in your kitchen this year, these colors are the place to start.

color-1Donna Frasca is one such color expert. I came across her blog recently and just love all the information and insight she brings. She is a virtual color expert who specializes in choosing color palettes for large homes, specifically in homes that have open floor plans. As a Virtual Designer, she is also a color forecaster, color trend setter and an overall expert in the field of color. That sounds like the best job ever.

She predicted the top color trends for 2017 as browns, aqua, yellow, and creamy white with orange-red accents. The brown is the new grounding color and gold or beige are being replaced with a friendly yellow. Muted aqua has been around, but is making a new mark this coming year according to Donna Frasca.color-3

color-4Behr tends to agree with Donna’s line of thinking with a line of colors in three collections: comfortable, composed, and confident. This gives everyone the opportunity to match colors that are both on-trend and match their own personal style and preference.

The confident pallet has more blues, reds, and greens. The composed palette is more green and taupe designed for traditionalists. The comfortable category is more pastels with light pink, blue, and yellow.color-5

Sherwinn Williams calls the new 2017 color Poised Taupe. It is a combination of brown and gray and can be used in any room, but looks beautiful in a kitchen. Poised Taupe is a great color to start with. It is sophisticated and fresh neutral that works with nearly any color scheme.

“[It] celebrates everything people love about cool gray as a neutral, and also brings in the warmth of brown, taking a color to an entirely new level,” said Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, in the press release. “Not cool or warm, nor gray or brown, Poised Taupe is a weathered, woodsy neutral bringing a sense of coziness and harmony that people are seeking.”color-2