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Kids bedrooms can be a tricky area of the house. Of course, we all want our children’s bedrooms to look… Read more »
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Kids bedrooms can be a tricky area of the house. Of course, we all want our children’s bedrooms to look like the pages of Pottery Barn kids, but the reality is they generally look like the aftermath of Hurricane Toys R Us.

However, as kids get older they may be outgrowing their superhero sheets and want something different.  To keep up with your growing family, I’ve compiled 5 ways to remodel kids rooms for under $50.

$10 Plastic Drawers: I love this idea because it is 1) inexpensive 2)versatile and 3) personable. Basic plastic drawers painted to express the style and personality of any tween or teen. These plastic drawers are painted with chalkboard paint, which adds an extra element of fun to the room – and a great way to keep your kids organized!


$12 Curtain Rod Shelf: Take advantage of all the space above eye level. This is some of the most underutilized space in every bedroom. Adding a shelf above the curtain rod gives you a place to display those prized trophies and special awards without adding clutter to the desk or dresser. If your window is lower than in this image, it will look even better.  


$6 Crates: I love this simple idea of crates. You can find inexpensive crates in every color of the rainbow and they work perfectly for any age. From kindergarten to college, crates are a great way to store books, trinkets, trophies, toys, games, books and that’s just the beginning.


$5 Toy Bags: These toy bags from Make It and Love It are pure genius. Not only are they easy to make, but your little one can help choose the fabric, they are universal for both boys and girls, and best of all – they can grow with them. Use them for Barbies now, and makeup later. That’s a win-win.


$17 Bedding- The bed takes up the most space in a room and therefore draws the most attention.  Great bedding completely transforms a room.  Skip buying bedding at an over priced store. Check out Big lots or Amazon for clearance bedding. I found a $50 Pixar Planes set on clearance for on $16 here.  Or here is an Angry Birds Bed Comforter for $16 These deals on amazon only last as long as there is product so if you find something you like, buy it now, it may be gone in a few days.  

To makeover your kids room you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg.  Use these great tools to make the room beautiful just for your little one.


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