Do-it-yourselfers are crafting every spot they can get their hands on, making furniture out of pallets, crafting toys out of sprinkler pipes and making their own lighting fixtures out of materials from the junk yard.  It all looks amazing and you know they’re saving money you’re dishing out at stores for the same stuff.  But you’re just not crafty, you say.  Well, you can change that right now.  

Let’s get your craftiness started with a few easy DIY home decor projects.  Don’t worry, they really are simple to do and you’ll to save money and brag to your friends about your new-found skills.  Here we go:

Project One:  You can pay $20 or more for these cute and handy muslin-lined jute covered baskets.  But if you can cut and glue, you can make your very own in a short amount of time.  Get the tutorial here. easy-hd1 Southern Flair Crafts

Project Two:  Keep an eye out for old shutters at yard sales because in a few hours you can repaint them (or not) and repurpose them as mail holders or use them to capture memorabilia from your latest trip.  Fun! easy-hd2 Martha Stewart

Project Three:  Make this clever and oh-so-handy toilet paper holder shelf with a little stain and a toilet paper holder.  Easy as cut, stain, and screw the brackets.  This DIY home decor project should be a standard in every home!easy-hd3 DIY Show Off

Project Four: I love this great bar cart from the Curly Diaries.  Turn a basic IKEA bar cart into an elegant service cart with a little spray paint.  Best bar cart bar none. easy-hd4Bar Cart


Project Five:  You won’t believe how easy and inexpensive this darling bench is.  You can buy the board and legs for under $10 or pick up an old bench at a yard sale and repaint it.  Cover it with batting and colorful fabric by stapling it underneath and there you have it. easy-hd5 The Thrifty Couple

Project Six:  Turn ever-popular mason jars into a unique organizer for bath, kitchen or office.  Hose clamps hold the jars in place on a wood stained board.  The tutorial even includes Rookie Tips, so go on, give it a try. DIY home decor really isn’t that scary is it?


The DIY Playbook