People often say to me “you need to come decorate my house,” or “I have no idea where to start.” I take a lot of pride in creating a cozy and inviting environment, but it’s far from perfect. It’s not about creating a space that looks like a magazine, but more about creating a space you feel good in.

Providing somewhere for a family to unwind, relax, and where friends feel comfortable. Of course, if it looks cute, that’s always a bonus. If you’re starting at square one, here are a few elements you can use to decorate any room and create a space you can be proud of.



 Texture is one of the best ways to create a comfortable space. Think about rugs, pillows baskets, blankets, furniture, and even décor. Mixing textures always makes a room feel more comfortable, warm, and cozy. This is a big reason why throw pillows always work so well in any space, because of the textures they bring.elements-1


 Warm tones make a space feel more inviting than stark black, white, and hot pink. Warm woods, tables and large furniture look beautiful and are perfectly accented with white décor and other colorful pieces.element-2


 Lighting is a big deal for me. I like to have at least two lighting options in each room. Generally, I have a headache by 6 p.m. every night, and that tells me it’s time to turn off the lights, turn on a lamp and relax. I love a candle burning here and there, and a dimming hallway switch makes a world of difference to me.


 I am a strong believer that every room should have a bit of nature. It can be a simple magnolia wreath, branches, trees, or even simple Ikea plants. Plants at a homey feel with an additional texture element.elements-3


When I walk into a home, I like to know who lives there, what is their story, what makes them who they are. I much prefer a gallery wall full of photos and memories from years passed than a gallery wall of designer paintings or professional photography. Using personal items brings meaning to the space, and shows guests what is truly important to you.elements-4


 Never underestimate the power of a rug. Of course, if you have hardwood floors this may be obvious, but even in carpeted floors rugs can make a big difference. I like rugs that have a cozy texture that are large enough to transform a space and anchor a room.

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