Hello. I am a shelf addict. I love them.

Big ones, tall ones, tiny ones, long ones, I love them all. I am completely and utterly obsessed with shelves and I won’t apologize for it. In my opinion, every room should have a shelf. It adds depth, structure, functionality, and character to the space.

They are easy to switch out for change of seasons, or change of taste, and they don’t require a billion holes on your wall. Once you have your beautiful shelf hung or placed in the room, then it’s time for the fun part. Here is everything you need to style a shelf in 10 minutes (or less).

    Find something tall

A vase, a candlestick, a picture, a jar. Start with something tall. How tall? Well, taller than everything else you intend to put on the shelf. Usually, I try to find something that is as tall as possible for the space, depth, and weight of the shelf. Also pick something that is either a neutral color, or a color that you love.


    Add something beautiful

What do you love? What makes you happy? Find things that you find beautiful and add those to your shelves. These should color coordinate with your tall item you already chose. Your home should be full of things that you love, and this is where you can show that. This item should be one or two things, don’t overload your shelves too much.

    Add Structure

Ok, once you have something tall and something beautiful, you need something to add structure to your shelf. This is where you’ll fill the majority of your shelf. It should be something cohesive. Generally, this is either the obvious (books), or picture frames, or seasonal décor.


The last thing to add to your bookshelves is filler. These are small items that fill in the odd gaps you might find. For me, filler is usually seasonal. In the wintertime, I like to use pinecones or holly berries as filler. In the fall, I like to use acorns, fall leaves, seasonal picks, tiny pumpkins, etc.


Still doesn’t look right? Try these professional tricks:

     Choose a color scheme and remove anything that doesn’t work with that color scheme. Objects that you think don’t “go together” will look right if they fall into your color scheme.

     Try to layer shorter things in front of taller things. This creates a sense of depth and interest.

     If your items don’t vary enough in height, use books or blocks to serve as pedestals. You can hide pedestals with filler, or you can choose purposeful pedestals that are beautiful to show on their own.


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