From a family barbeque to a sophisticated backyard wedding on the patio, these backyard elements take your party to the next level. Just because you’re in your own backyard doesn’t mean it has to feel like your own backyard.

Create a whole new world with just a few key elements that have the ability to completely transform your space.

Always have a drink station. You can use a mobile cart, buffet table, or even crates and buckets to create a drink station with plenty of options to keep everyone hydrated.

If your furniture fits out the backdoor, move it out. Having indoor furniture outside makes any outdoor space more comfortable.

Instead of matching patio cushions, use throw pillows as patio seats.

If you don’t have enough furniture for adequate seating, crate more seating with blankets, cushions, and pillows.

Hang chips by a clothesline to make grab and go easy.

Don’t underestimate outdoor lighting. An unexpected chandelier, twinkle lights, or solar lighting can make a huge difference in any outdoor space.

If you don’t have enough linens, dishes, or glasses to match, go the opposite and create intentionally mismatched settings for a shabby chic effect.

Protect food from bugs by keeping it in cookie jars instead of salad bowls.

Provide convenient items like wipes, hand sanitizer, bug repellant and sunscreen in a cute basket or tub.

Incorporate the outdoors into the décor by using sand pails, flower pots, river rocks, seashells, and/or garden flowers.

Be prepared for messes, paper towels on a plant stand is convenient and stylish.

Use battery powered candles on tables for a beautiful, safe, glow.


Create a simple outdoor movie screen by hanging a white sheet against the fence or house.

When decorating, don’t forget to look overhead. Banners are a great way to define the space and add color.

Keep food cool by using an inflatable cooler filled with ice.

Stick with food that is easy to eat like skewers, finger foods, pre-cut desserts, and ice cream sandwiches.


Create zones in your space by defining a sitting area, dining area, drink spots, and mingling areas.

Always have music and fill the air with your favorite playlists.

Provide a trash can that is nearby and easy to use.