From preschool to prom, every little girl needs her own space. My own daughter is at the age right now where she wants to start having input and opinions on what goes into her room, which I am totally fine with. It gives us the opportunity to pool our creative juices together and create something that we both love.

These gorgeous girl room ideas give you plenty of sugar, lots of spice, and of course a dose of everything nice. Here are my favorite, top ten girl room decor themes and ideas.
I love the vintage room idea. It brings things back to a simpler time with the metallic nightstands and shaped headboard. My daughter loves the colored pillows and beautiful accent wall.girls-1

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This room from Target is perfect for the teen or tween who is definitely moving past the princess phase and finding her own style.


This room reminds me of Paris with the pink and black elements and the beautiful simplicity of the prints. My daughter is already begging for that chandelier.girls-3

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For the modern princess, the neon colors pop against the white walls and white flooring making this design work seamlessly. It’s a small space but it packs a lot of style. girl-4

Ok, I have to be honest, I kind of want this room for myself. It’s probably a little roo grown up for my kindergartener, but this is pure princess bliss.girl-5

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Bring the Secret Garden to life with a beautiful accent wall and coordinating furniture. I love that green bed, and the teal and peach are feminine without screaming pink!


If you have a nature lover, bring the outdoors in with wooden elements integrated into a palate of soft pastel colors. 


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This is an amazing under-the-sea bedroom castle that is slightly unrealistic for most homes. However, I love the theme idea with oversized seashells on the walls and low-lighting.  


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I love this idea for more of a basic room that is still completely girly. The tiny dots on the wall add an element of sparkle while the chandelier brings a pop of color.  girl-9

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 If it can’t be pink, let it be Tiffany blue. This is a great idea for every girl who has grown out of her piggy tail days and exclaimed to the world, “No mom! I don’t like pink anymore!” You can find a very similar bedding on Amazon here. I sure do love Amazon, don’t you.  I wish you best of luck on your bedroom makeover!  


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