The master bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is the center of rest, relaxation, and good sleep. If those three things aren’t happening, the rest of my world is a jumbled mess. There are a few master bedroom design basics to keep in mind when decorating your own. It is the first thing you see in the morning, and the last thing we see before we turn off the lights.

It should be decorated in line with our personal taste, and surrounded with things you love. These top 10 master bedroom design ideas incorporate a beautiful design.  They create a tranquil setting that might inspire you.

    I am picky about what goes on the walls of my master bedroom.  I don’t like a lot of kids pictures, or wall art, I like to keep things simple. For that reason, I absolutely love this wallpaper master bedroom. It works perfectly in this space and gives a strong style that not over the top.master-1

    I love large lighting fixtures.  They bring a space together. This chandelier is perfect for the master bedroom.  It’s not too feminine and the muted grey color scheme is perfect for him and her.master-2


    While neutrals work well in the master, a pop of color works wonders. This green is a favorite of mine.  It looks beautiful against wood tones to create a room that is absolutely gorgeous.master-3

    The ceiling in this room is heavenly.  I also love the color scheme and the open windows. The tufted bench at the foot of the bed gives the illusion of a footboard, which is a nice touch.Monticello Homes

    What a beautiful idea to create a sitting area at the foot of the bed with a little table and ottoman. I sure could use this area in my bedroom. The oversized rug elevates the style of the entire room.master-5

    The master bedroom is the perfect room to go dark. It is probably the only room in the house where you can get away with dark walls and pull it off beautifully. A stunning chandelier above the bed doesn’t hurt either.



    This is a farmhouse style bedroom that combines beautiful elements of a wood plank wall, farmhouse sliding door, and a quaint desk area. I also love the his and her mirrors above the night tables.master-7

    I love to have additional seating in the master bedroom for reading or writing.   The couch at the foot of the bed in this design, it’s a beautiful addition.master-8

    This master bedroom has it all. Beautiful lighting, amazing architecture and that fireplace. If this was my bedroom I might never leave.dont-use-master-9

 Simplicity at it’s finest. The beauty of this room is in the simplicity. This oversized master is the center of relaxation, but even in a small space you can take out everything that is unnecessary and begin with the key elements, leaving everything else aside.master-10

Check out these 10 Master bedroom design ideas to spark creativity in your next makeover project.