For me, teenage girls are the most fun to find stocking stuffers for.  (Maybe that’s because I am a girl, I have girls, and I have sisters.) But the list of things they love to find awaiting them on Christmas morning is really endless and should always start with lots of chocolate.  

Let me give you a few other ideas to get you started thinking about your teen girl this Christmas

Like I said, chocolate is a must, even if they aren’t big chocolate eaters regularly, christmas is the time to indulge!

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Girls love a mani-pedi but not everyone can afford the time or money of a salon.  She can do her on at-home treatments with a kit.  Combine a few tools, lotion and a new polish in a bag and she may just invite you to join her in the fun.  

mani pedi
Books and/or Magazines are always a hit.  Give her the latest teen hit novel or magazine.  A subscription is even better.  

Young girl reading book in library


‘Cause players gonna play, play, play, play, play, girls and guys alike will love to update their playlists with an Itunes gift card.

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A darling new wallet is always a popular gift.  Most teens don’t carry huge handbags but love a great wallet or clutch bag on a strap like this mini faux leather bag with an adorable bow and detachable wrist strap.



A new season calls for a new hat, scarf, and glove combo.  Find her something bright and cheery like this darling blue and yellow set.

Body wash and lotions are welcome, especially if you live in colder, drier areas.  Choose scents that are unique for the holidays like peppermint or candy cane, or fun surprises like Beautiful Day or Hello Beautiful from Bath & Body Works.



You know she loves her phone, so how about stuffing in a new phone case?  



Most teenage girls enjoy playing around with different makeup styles.  You can gift her a new color of mascara, or a new eye shadow pallet or a nice makeup brush.  Look for travel or sample sizes of products.



She’s probably given up her favorite cuddly animals from her little-girl-days, but she won’t give up cuddly, warm socks this winter.  Some even come scented!



For the serious student or the overly organized gal, a set of desk accessories can be a big hit.  A cute tape dispenser, clip jar or pencil holder will make her day.



She shines in your eyes, so how about a new pair of sunglasses.  If she’s the use-’em-and-lose-’em type, she’ll appreciate a new inexpensive pair because she probably can’t find the old ones.  If she’s a serious snowboarder or the like, she’ll probably enjoy a good quality sports model.



Good hair day, bad hair day, it’s all about the hair and girls love to try new hair products.  Fill her stocking with samples of new products or those she already knows and loves.  


They might be banned at Disney World and The Running of the Bulls, but Santa doesn’t ban selfie sticks and she is sure to put one to good use immediately and have a blast.  

_ don't use 16 girlstocking 2

Has there ever been better pairing than teens and jewelry?  Is she a gold and glitter girl? Or a braided leather and beads type?  Whatever her style, there are bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings that she will love to wear.  



Most of us, including teens, likes to keep a few notebooks handy, even though they’ve gone digital.  A cute notebook like this . . . . is hard to resist.


Lip gloss.  Always.  Every year.  It’s a classic stuffer that you gotta have.  Pick her favorite color and sheen, or go wild with some new stuff, but lip gloss is a stocking must-have.