I love to make their birthdays a special day, but kids birthday have somehow gone completely overboard. I don’t have the budget for petting zoos and pony rides and balloon animals, but I do love my kid and want them to feel extraordinary.

The good news is, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make birthdays feel special. Some of my favorite birthday traditions don’t cost anything, and create memories that will last a lifetime. I love to decorate the night before so my kids wake up to a fun decorated house. I always let them choose their favorite foods to eat that day, and they always get the first slice of cake.  Check out some of these fun birthday celebrations and traditions that are simple ideas with a big impact.

    When is my birthday? How many more days mom? This is what I hear from the beginning of the year all the way to November. This birthday countdown is a great way to let your little one know their birthday is getting close, and to count every day until the big celebration arrives.  Add a balloon at the end that they can have on their birthday! 

#7-    You only have one birthday, be sure to celebrate all day long. These balloons are such a fun way to keep the fun coming. Each time has a different activity or prize in the balloon that definitely makes for a fun day.birthdays-2

     #6- Make everyday routines a little more special on the birthday. Balloons in the bathtub is a great idea, especially for the little ones who may have cake from head to toe. End the day with a fun balloon bath!dont-use-birthdays-3

  #5-   If your little one has school on their birthday, pack a special lunch by wrapping every piece of their meal with birthday wrapping paper to let them know they are special, even if they have to be at school.birthdays-4

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  #4-  Helium can get expensive, and too often balloons purchase in the morning fall before the party even starts. Instead of filling balloons with helium, blow them up yourself and hang them from the ceiling. It creates a beautiful effect that will last for days.  

    #3- I love this idea of the birthday fairy. It is a birthday tradition that can be carried on for generations. The birthday fairy visits during the night and fills the birthday person’s shoe with quarters. One quarter for each year, plus one for good luck!birthdays-6

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#2-Use whiteboard markers on a window, mirror or even car window to celebrate their special day.  I have seen somewhere they write how old they are in minutes, hours, and days.  I like to write something like “10 looks good on you” or “Boy you look all grown up today!”  It takes 2 minutes but they love it!

#1 If you kept track of the actual time the birthday child was born, you can celebrate the exact moment, kind of like midnight on New Years Eve.  Lots of screaming, a text, call or a hug and kisses are all that is needed to make that minute special.

Do you have any fun traditions for birthdays?  Share what you have done in your home!

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Birthday traditions made easy with these fun ideas for your kids!Birthday traditions made easy with these fun ideas for your kids!

Check out these great birthday traditions that make the special day so much more fun! Easy and simple ways to show you love them!