For me, January is a time of new beginnings, a fresh start, simplicity, and peace. I want my mantel décor to reflect that so I like to keep things simple and beautiful. I prefer to use colors that are muted and neutral with a hint of metallic, but not too much sparkle.  After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I need to take a deep breath, and my home does too. These winter mantel ideas are some of my favorite because they do exactly that.  

To start decorating a winter mantel, take everything off first, then add things one by one until you reach the point of just enough, but not too much. The trees on this mantel are perfect and the garland just helps to lighten up the space just a little.

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This is another perfect example of adding just enough, and keeping things simple with symmetry. A symmetrical design will always bring order and peace to a space.

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Consider adding soft light wherever possibly in your winter décor. I love the different candlesticks brought together buy simple white candles. If you have a shallow mantel you may want to opt for battery-operated candles as opposed to real candles which may leave smoke marks on your walls.

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Winter décor doesn’t have to be colorless, evergreen is a great way to bring color into the space and the mantel is full and still simple with just a few candles.

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If you’re not going with symmetry, use odd numbers to keep your design appealing. The left side of this mantel has five items while the right side uses three. Although both sides aren’t symmetrical, the odd numbers brings it together perfectly. I love the black and white accents are perfect for bringing simplicity and elegance to this room.

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Consider one oversized element to decorate your mantel. This is a statement piece with symmetrical branches as a beautiful framework.

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Keep things soft and supple by using cotton, faux snowballs, and natural elements in your winter mantel. The snowflake garland is soft and adds a bit of light without being too much.

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If you crave a little color in your home, pick one color and use it as a fun accent. This snowman mantel is whimsical and creative.

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